My Experience at ‘INCRUENTI’

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As promised on my Instagram, I am going to be sharing with you my recent experience at the vegan restaurant in Prague called ‘Incruenti’. I knew about the restaurant for a little while now and finally got around to going there just last Saturday with my family. In this review, I will share with you what I got to try off their menu and my opinion in general regarding the food, the atmosphere, and my overall impression of the place!


Amongst the three of us, we all ordered three starters to share; Tapas, Homemade Vegan Pâté (paštika), and Bruschetta (pictures in order).








All three of the starters were absolutely delicious and I wish I could pick my favourite one but I genuinely cannot because they were that good! The Tapas (pictured left) came with homemade bread and two types of hummus’ with olives. The Homemade Vegan Pâté (pictured middle) also came with homemade bread and some caramelised onion if I remember correctly. Lastly, the Bruschetta (pictured right) was with the classic tomato mixture BUT it also came with a not so classic mushroom mixture which was unbelievably scrumptious despite me not being the biggest fan of mushrooms actually!



For our mains, we tried the BBQ Burger, the Fettuccine in a cheese sauce with asparagus and zucchini, and the Seitan Wrap as pictured below:

I was the one to order the Fettuccine pasta dish (as pictured on the right) and although I was blown away by how creamy the cheese sauce was, I actually could not stop looking at the BBQ burger… The picture does not do it justice, but let me tell you that burger was massive! I think the patty itself was made with a chickpea and potato mixture and was topped with slices of tofu bacon. I might actually be completely wrong about the ingredients because I only managed to get two bites, however, the thing that struck me the most about the burger was the incredible BBQ sauce that pulled everything together. Too often I find that vegan burgers lack in a good sauce that really ties together all the flavours, thus ending up being a little dry. This burger was truly phenomenal and I am now waiting for my next opportunity to actually have one all to myself! Lastly, the Seitan Wrap was filled with crisp iceberg lettuce, sun dried tomato pieces, smoked Seitan pieces, all massaged in what I think was a vegan mayonnaise dressing. The Seitan wrap was light and fresh but certainly not lacking in flavour at all.


Although the restaurant is located in an area some may find a little difficult to get to, the food, the gorgeous minimalist interior and the welcoming atmosphere are most definitely worth the visit. This is a restaurant that truly puts a lot of passion into their work and it clearly shows in the quality of their food. I have tried many vegan restaurants thus far, but none of them were able to truly capture the beauty and vibrance of plant-based foods the same way that Incruenti have. I hope this review did not come off as being too dramatic, but I see it as my virtual applaud to them. And if you managed to read this full post instead of just looking at the pictures then part of my applaud goes to you as well!


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